accountability tags

Accountability tags are available in assorted colours of lamacoid plastic or in stainless steel.
Sizing is 1” x 3” with a hole in one end.
Magnet backing available.
Please contact us for pricing.


firefighting award plaque

This firefighting award is shown in a 9” x 12” sizing in rosewood finish.
Other sizes and finishes of plaques are available.
Casted or resin fireman heads available in a few different sizes.
Plates can be gold aluminum, silver aluminum, brass or black brass.


opp ert plaque

Our OPP ERT plaques are created on a 9” x 12” rosewood finished wood plaque.
 The ERT crest is casted medal.
 The plate is a double-plated plate consisting of a gold back plate and black brass top plate.
 We ship the plaques throughout Ontario via Purolator.
 Please contact us for pricing.